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Cullen Skink

robert_burns.gifBurns Night is approaching (25 Jan). Last night I got to thinking about traditional fare for that celebration. There’s no question about the main dish of course. Haggis and all its ritual accompaniments are the centrepiece. But there’s more than one way to start such a meal. Scotch Broth is a common choice. But my favourite is Cullen Skink.

So yes, I got to thinking about it. Then thinking more. Until my taste buds simply wouldn’t wait two more weeks. And it’s just so ridiculously simple to make, a fabulously delicious dish in minutes. So within half an hour I was tucking in. This is all it took…

To feed four, or two greedy-guts, the main ingredient you need is smoked haddock. One fish will do. (Don’t worry about quantities - any proportions will give a tasty result.) Grab a few potatoes, peel them if you’re fussed, chop them roughly with an onion (any size) too, and boil them in enough water to cover. Meanwhile fry the fish (skin up) in a goodly chunk of butter, until the skin will peel off easily (which you can throw away). Then just mix these ingredients, pour in as much milk as you have water (some people use cream), maybe mash them roughly (or don’t) then throw in a little chopped chives or spring onion (or not), parsley (or not), and salt & pepper. Done!

Ready to eat in fifteen minutes max. If there’s any left, it’s even better the next day. One of Scotland’s great dishes. Enjoy.

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Reader Comments (1)

I just found this site and blog and being from the OVER-DEVELOPED States, just the hint of a "Trump" solution to all of Scotlands' problems and needs is very sad. Why would Scotland want to sell out to become just another overdeveloped society that must prepepuate growth by maddening commericalism and comsumerism. Why would anyone need nature, forests and glens when you could have shopping malls, huge resorts, water parks, theme parks, hotels, spas in the most luxurious setting and all for the promise of jobs and the ecomony. Take a look at the States and see what has happened in the promise of growth. Perhaps growth and development can take place without involving 'developers' like Trump (Scot or no) who has no interest in anything but his own bottom line. Do you really want to see Malls and Spas become your national pastime too?
June 12, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterDonna

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