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Tartan Fabrics - we've got your Measure!

Check out the fabulous Fabric RangeMost of us get a bit confused with all the different measurement scales around. Personally, I think in (metric) Celsius when it’s cold outside, but (imperial) Fahrenheit when the weather is hot. Well, it makes sense… 100 degrees is roasting, and 0 degrees is freezing. That’s all I need to know.

But this also causes us issues as a worldwide exporter. Most Americans have little idea how long a metre is… any more than Europeans understand yards. (In fact, they’re much the same size, just about 10% apart.)

And our weavers are just as bad. Most mills want us to send them orders measured in metres. But then they describe their fabric widths in inches, and weights in ounces. It’s a good old muddle.

So we’re doing our wee bit to help. Whichever system you’re used to, you’ll now find that all lengths and prices in our world-beating range of over 16,000 Fabrics available as cut lengths are now listed in BOTH imperial and metric measures. And when you come to order, you can specify yards or metres… whichever suits you best; we’ll know exactly what you mean and get it cut correctly.

And that’s not all! The other big improvement is that you can now order exactly the amount you need, without having to buy in whole metres. 4.6 yards? No problem! (And yes, I know that’s a decimal fraction of an imperial measure… as I say, it’s confusing… isn’t it!).

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