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Baby Talk

As some of you may know, my fellow Scotweb Director, Adele, and I have recently taken delivery of a brand new package. And eventually we even managed to give her a name: so say hello to Amity. I’m delighted to say that not only does she enjoy a full set of fingers, toes, and all the rest, but she seems generally very happy with her life in this world, and so has been quite a delight to (start to) get to know.

Anyhow, my sincere thanks to all who’ve been sending their well-wishes, and apologies to anyone who has been waiting to hear back from me and hasn’t - thanks for your patience! I’m slowly getting back to work, but it’s hard when home is so rewarding! Please bear with me if I”m even less efficient than normal… I trust you’ll understand.

Oh, and by the way, as anyone who knows us will perhaps not be surprised to hear, she’s already been earning her keep! Check out her first modeling session (and probably not her last!) playing a starring role on the homepage of our Scottish Cashmere site. The silky-smooth Alpaca blanket is genuinely a huge favourite of hers already. So sorry for the tacky advert, but if you know any new mums and want a pressie they’ll really adore, take a tip from a proud new dad and look no further. Really - hugely recommended!

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