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England are Out-Plaid

USA World Cup 2010 TartanOkay, I admit it. I stole the headline from the Scotsman newspaper’s coverage. No one does great puns like a veteran journalist.

The story? Dear English readers, we hope you enjoy friendly teasing, of the kind only best mates can share. We’ve produced a tongue-in-very-cheeky new tartan designed for all “true” Scots wanting to show solidarity with the USA’s football (aka soccer to our colonial chums) team at the South Africa 2010 World Cup. After all, there are far more Scots living in North America than in Scotland itself. And to be honest, our American cousins are often rather better at celebrating our Scottish heritage than we are ourselves. So it seems only fair to produce their own special tartan. We thought we’d base it on Mel Gibson’s check from Braveheart, since the islander who designed and wove that is one of our producers. Then we wove into it the lines of the Stars and Stripes. Nice, huh? (Click the image above to enlarge it, or click here see its full details.)

Okay, admittedly it just so happens that the US team has been drawn in the same group as our other great friends, the English. And we acknowledge there may just be a regrettable perception that this is just another rehashing of the tired old tradition of Scotland supporting whoever England is playing in any sport, any time, anywhere, ever. The self-pitying underdog always blaming “them” for our woes, rather than actually getting off our lardy butts and doing it for ourselves, and all that. But no, that’s all in the past now, since we now control our own affairs with our own Parliament. We’re the new empowered self-confident nation that stands on our own ten million feet. But since we know and love our own team’s selfless dedication to dramatic last-hurdle oh-so-close glorious failure, we can still enjoy a little friendly rivalry, can’t we?

Apart from supporting our friends and family in America, we also produced this to show off the capabilities of our new online Tartan Designer. As the good chap from the Scotsman noted, this tartan was not just designed, but ON SALE within an hour of the World Cup draw. Order a properly made kilt in pure new wool, delivered to your door within a few weeks. Or go the whole hog and we’ll weave it for you in authentic Harris Tweed, produced on a traditional loom in an islander’s own home (as required by Act of Parliament).

Or of course, you can also design your own…

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