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Design your own Tartan - have a sneaky peek!

Here’s something pretty wonderful for anyone who likes tartan. Our amazing tech team has been beavering away for months on a new (free) online Design-your-own-tartan feature. And it’s now ready for limited **Invitation Only ** beta launch.

So what’s new, you may ask. There have been online tools letting you create tartans for years. Well, yes, sort of… But this one’s different. Very different. Firstly, it far easier for the ordinary person to use than any that’s gone before. But the intuitive and user-friendly front gives access to some very powerful tools…

For example, you can load any existing tartan, and modify it! This applies both to officially recorded tartans, and ones that other Scotweb members have designed and published in the new Gallery feature.

We also give you access to not one but three colour palettes. There’s a simple one for designing tartans you wish to record in the traditional way with only broadly defined colours (or perhaps for schoolchildren to use). There’s a “Weaver’s” palette, where you can even see photographs of the actual thread cones our weavers use to produce tartans. And there’s a “Pro” palette for corporate users wishing to define their brand shades precisely.

The tools let you add colours from those or from a ‘working shelf’, then pull levers, drag entries, key in numbers, and various other ways to add and re-order your chosen shades. All great fun. And uniquely (and we’ve patented this bit) it all happens instantly on your screen, without having to click and wait for a graphic image to be produced like all other systems we’ve seen. (You can, if you wish, do this too, for an even higher quality photorealistic image.)

You can also save your designs. Give them names. Give them descriptions. Explain the rationale behind their creation. Comment on other users’ designs. And (very soon) you can request an expert review of your tartan design (for a reasonable fee) from one of the world’s leading tartan authorities.

But we’ve saved the best for last. And this really is unique. You can also get your tartans woven! Yes, with just a few further mouse clicks you can order fabrics, kilts, skirts, and dozens of other products in your own unique tartan designs, in a range of top quality wools produced specially for you at one of Scotland’s most traditional mills. Many more fabrics like polyviscose or polycottons are coming soon, all in short length runs, or with bulk discounts. Pricing is much the same as our other custom-weave fabrics (i.e. a massively good bargain!). And we even give you back 10% of every sale of your tartan (either to you, perhaps your club members, or anyone who likes your design if you’ve published it in the Gallery) in the form of Scotweb Points. What’s not to love!!

There’s just one small catch. The Tartan Design facility is only available by Invitation Only [EDIT: now publicly available!], whilst we beta test the features, and finish off some of the remaining design improvements. Once you’ve been invited, you in turn can invite a few other friends (up to 5) who you think might like it. But we want to keep numbers limited until we have all systems functioning smoothly. We’d also appreciate if you let us know about any confusions or problems you come across meanwhile, in return for being let in early.

But as an esteemed reader of this blog, I’d be happy to invite you personally. Contact me via the “Want to Contribute” link to the right. But note, first you should register with the Scotweb membership system (which is free). And when contacting me, include the email address you used to register there. That’s necessary as I have to send the invitation to the same address.

Hope you think it’s as cool as we do. This is going to be big! So why not be one of the very first to explore it?

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Great article Nick, thanks for sharing it with us. :)
August 26, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterArgentina Travel

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