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Essential Scotweb - the quality you expect, at prices you don't!

Essential Scotweb Casual KiltI’m delighted to announce the launch of our new Essential Scotweb range. Responding to the economic mood, this fiercely price-competitive range gives a real choice to consumers who would prefer properly made heirloom garments but have reluctantly turned to the ‘Tartan Tat” vendors to save money. Both budget conscious and environmentally concerned customers can afford to invest in lifetime quality garments, suitable even for landmark events like weddings.

Essential Scotweb kilts, tartan skirts, and tartan homewares are made locally to authentic standards by traditional producers, without compromising the top quality materials and tailoring for which Scotweb is known. They are priced to compete fiercely with the infamous ‘tartan tat’ merchants importing substandard copycat products from cheap labour economies. So for example the Essential Scotweb complete formal Prince Charlie kilt outfit is priced at under £500, for a package normally retailing at £750 or more.

Crucially, garment quality is not compromised. The Essential Scotweb 8 Yard Kilt is actually made by Balmoral Kilts and Highland Dress kiltmakers who produce Scotweb’s flagship garments. So it is always custom made to measure for each customer, from locally woven pure new wool tartan fabrics. This exquisitely tailored kilt is available in a range of the most popular tartans.

Scotweb already offers the world’s largest range of tartan fabrics and garments, backed up by expert personal service. Founder and Managing Director Dr Nick Fiddes is a governor of the Scottish Tartans Authority, and the company is committed to offering authentic products made locally by traditional producers. By retailing mail order by phone and on the internet, Scotweb saves the overheads of high street premises, and passes on these savings to its customers. It is one of the few heritage retailers anywhere in the world that promises to shun imported copies with their inferior production standards.

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