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THIS is why Scotweb is unique

This Christmas, we’d like to show you why Scotweb is unlike ANY other Scottish heritage outlet on earth.

Lots of shops or web sites will sell you a kilt. And some indeed deliver a high quality garment.

But we’ve been monitoring our competitors. Most have already stopped promising Christmas delivery of even ‘stock’ goods. And it’s been weeks already since we’ve seen one guaranteeing to make an authentic kilt to wear on the big day.

But Scotweb? We’re not only taking orders for hand-made kilts (as well as many other garments). We’re still offering our unique woven-to-order service, with hand-sewn kiltmaking, so you can enjoy Christmas Day with you or your loved one wearing a custom-woven fabric in ANY rare tartan of your choice, from over ten thousand patterns!

Yes. For worldwide delivery.

We think we can do so until after this weekend. (It depends on the volume of orders.)

Think about it… Most kiltmakers take 2-3 months for even standard kilts in a small range off-the-shelf tartans - often longer. But we’re offering to especially produce a unique length of woven fabric in any recorded design, made for you by our local artisan weavers, and then have it expertly hand-sewn as a made-to-measure garment. Then we’ll get it to you, wherever you are. All in little more than a week.

And it won’t be hurried. It will still be the same premium quality of fabric, and premium standard of kiltmaking, that you get with every Scotweb kilt.

I hope we’ve made our case. Whether or not you take advantage of this offer, please remember that Scotweb is a company unlike any other. We do it oustandingly well. We do it efficiently. And we do deliver.

With our very best wishes for a wonderful Christmas, from all of us here in wintery Edinburgh.

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Reader Comments (1)

Lovely to learn that you can take an order for a kilt and have it made up and delivered to me in just one week. Fabulous service! Then why did I not receive the same service when I ordered a metre length of Buchanan tartan on 20th November, payment for which immediately was taken from my bank account, but the order was not despatched until 28th November. It arrived via Royal Mail today, 29th November. I wanted this material for a special present at a wedding that takes place tomorrow on 30th November. I was not told at time of ordering that it would take 8 days before despatch - this should have been made clear to me at that time since now I cannot use the material as it is too late to do so.

Perhaps others should take heed??

Ann Langley
Isle of Wight
November 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterANN LANGLEY

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