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Tweed Patterns - a quick guide

We’re often asked how to choose tweeds, from the hundreds of patterns available. Tweed is a fantastically beautiful fabric. But let’s be honest, at first sight a lot of tweeds can be a bit hard to tell apart when so many are basically variations on, erm, autumnal nature colours.

So we’re busy putting some better tools in place to help you choose the tweed you want. Firstly, here is a Quick Guide to Tweed Patterns. This should help you distinguish your Herringbone Tweed from your Houndstooth Tweed, and your Overchecks from your unpatterned twills.

And watch this space as we expect to be making a few more tweed-related announcements over the next few days and weeks, as we expand and improve our (already world-leading) ranges… and make it easier for you to find them!

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yes,Tweed is a fantastically beautiful fabric.....

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