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Grand Contest!! Million pound prize* to design an Edinburgh Trams tartan...

The much-loved Edinburgh Trams project is now nearing completion, with just a few short years to go until it is nearly ready to be announced when the network line might possibly be up and running, soon, probably. Until then we can all enjoy a relaxing time, lounging around on the comfortable seats of our cars and buses, enjoying the convivial camaraderie of the traffic jams. When else do you get such a chance to enjoy the glorious views of this city without having to worry about inconveniences like actually moving. I ask you.

Anyway, we felt this fine Scottish engineering project really deserved its own tartan. So we spent endless minutes upon minutes designing an Edinburgh Trams Tartan with all the painstaking professionalism and expert skill of the consultants and contractors responsible for the Trams project itself. We think it has a quality to it that’s totally fitting. What do you think?

Or perhaps you could do even better? Why not try your hand at designing your own? Make sure you give yours a Description that explains your choices and inspirations (see the Description tab on ours as an example). The best entry in our judgement will be forwarded to Transport Initiatives Edinburgh (TIE) to use as the livery for their trams, for a fee of one million pounds, all of which will go to the winner. We feel confident they’ll want to do this, as such a trivial addition to their budget would hardly be noticed.

  • Note, conditions apply. In particular it is possible that TIE might not accept our offer, in which case the prize fund will have to be void. Sorry.

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Reader Comments (1)

Great I hope my design wins...LOL :)
October 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGraham A. Robieson

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