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IKEA - rant, and warning

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Saw a shocking example of deceptive pricing today at IKEA, Edinburgh. But worst, the staff and supervisor I talked to refused to see any problem at all, and wouldn’t even log my complaint. (And of course, they publish no way to complain online.)

At the Checkouts, they promote things like food and sweets. I picked up a bag of Daim sweets, prominently marked as £2.99. At the checkout I was charged £3.32. The lower price was only available to Family card holders. The full price in solid black ink was roughly ten times higher (i.e. 100x more dominant) than the real, tiny grey-ink price.

This must surely contravene Trading Standards regulations on clear pricing. I am sure it also contravenes the Disability Discrimination Act, as my own eyesight is far from poor, but there’s no way I’d have seen the smaller price. Anyone elderly or with a visual disability would stand no chance.

The dominant number is also the rounded ‘price point’ as used for standard pricing throughout the store. The real price is a odd-pennies number that would never normally appear on a standard price at Ikea.

Think this is trivial? Few people will notice the extra on their receipt, and fewer still complain. If this is more than a single example at a single store, over time it will net IKEA millions by deliberate deception. I think there’s a word for that.

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