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D.C. Dalgliesh at Pixar's (Oscar-Winning) Brave Premiere

We had a fabulous night out on Saturday, at the European premiere of “Brave”, Disney-Pixar’s latest blockbuster (ed: winner of the Best Animated Feature category at the 2013 Oscars - is this the first time an Oscar winner has received the treasured statuette wearing a tartan kilt?!) L-R: Director Katherine Saraphian, stars Craig Ferguson, Robbie Coltrane, Kelly Macdonald, and Kevin McKidd, and Director Mark Andrews.

As the company’s guests, we enjoyed the full red carpet experience, and loved to see the gorgeous DunBroch tartan created for the movie appearing not just on screen but worn by the stars for the launch as fabulous kilts, sashes, and lots more.

Alex Salmond, Scotland’s First Minister, presents the official Dunbroch tartan certificate to Mark Andrews, Director of Disney-Pixar’s BraveThe night began with a reception where Alex Salmond, Scotland’s First Minister, presented Director Mark Andrews with a framed certificate testifying to the DunBroch tartan’s official registration, mounted on the fabric itself. We hear this will take pride of place at Pixar, alongside their numerous Oscars!

Nick Fiddes & Adele Telford, Directors of D.C. Dalgliesh LtdThen soon it was over the road to the splendid Festival Theatre, where we hit the red carpet just as the stars were doing their photocall behind us. Since the movie won’t be on general release here until next month I’ll avoid spoilers, but suffice it to say we loved it. The story itself is great fun, and the visuals of course… well, it’s Pixar so no need to say more. But what we were really impressed by, as indigenous Scots, was that we didn’t cringe once! There were plenty of Scottish jokes, of course, but they were the sort we’d make about ourselves, which is quite a feat for Americans! And it was fantastic to see Merida, the heroine, as such a strong role model. Maybe we’re biased, but big ups to all involved.

(L-R) Kevin McKidd, Katherine Saraphian, and Mark Andrews with D.C. Dalgliesh Director, Dr Nick FiddesThe evening brought another smaller reception, mostly for the cast and crew with their friends and families, this time at the Balmoral Hotel. And what really came through for us during this chance for more informal chat with the stars and production team was just how much everyone involved had really come to love the country, and especially raved about having their own tartan to share and wear. It sounds like their Dunbroch kilts and garments will stay firm favourites for a long time to come!

What really came through was something we talk about a lot: the power of tartan to unite groups of people through a strongly visual identity with really positive associations, and to share that with the world to allow anyone else to express that they too feel they belong. It’s not yet clear whether Disney-Pixar will be allowing the DunBroch tartan to go on general sale. As proud Scots, we really hope so!

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