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This Scottish blog is sponsored by Scotweb, the web’s oldest and largest supplier of kilts and tartans.
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Who is behind this Blog? (And why…?)

It was started by Nick Fiddes, ex-academic anthropologist, and latterly founder and MD of Scotweb (Scotland’s oldest and largest online heritage specialists), and a governor of the Scottish Tartans Authority.

But this is intended to be much more than (in fact, nothing like) a Scotweb blog. It is a totally independent private project, and has been built to bring together what we hope will develop into a thriving cacophony of diverse voices. It’s a forum for interesting people to speak about the things they are passionate about that are happening in Scotland today, in the belief that there will be no shortage of folk around the world equally passionate about reading this sort of thing.

So the reason ‘why’ is simple: nothing else like this exists, so it needed to be started. Please keep returning, tell your friends, and if you want to be considered as a contributor with editing rights, you’ll find a link nearby.